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Same bomber cooler. New lower price point.
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Learn why the new Antix 2.0 will become your new go-to boat.


Meet the pickup truck of kayaks. With room for everyone.


Break through your comfort zone at any level on the water.


Give your pup the gear to stay safe, comfortable and protected.

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Whitewater Kayaking | Summer Creeking Report

With all plans flipped around we were at least blissed with ability to paddle in my part of Europe. Even just after the lock downs for the first time since I remember due to big storms it kicked off with sweet water levels for our rivers which does not happen very...

Kayak Fishing | Casting Accuracy

Kayak Casting Accuracy When the bass bite is insanely good you can throw anywhere and get a hit. Unfortunately this window of opportunity is rare and limited in duration. Common sense in casting (and presenting) your bait says that the shorter the distance a fish has...

Kayak Norway – from the classics to expeditions

Kayaking Norway - from the classics to expeditions I have almost spent two weeks in Norway this summer. It is such an epic place for whitewater kayaking. The amount of snow they had was insane so we had super high flows almost all the time. We started our trip pretty...

Whitewater Kayaking | Devils Extreme Race 2020

Last weekend one of biggest whitewater events took place in southern Czech Republic in Lipno at Vltava River. Event gathers hundreds of paddlers from all around the Europe to enjoy one of very few water releases that happens over the weekend. Multiple kayaking...

Kayak Fishing | Big Tarpon in Puerto Rico

In this episode of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons we make our first visit to Puerto Rico to fish with Omar Orraca and the target species is Tarpon. This shoot with Omar was one of the toughest we have had, filled with stress and frustration but ending in...

Jackson Whitewater | Graz Freestyle 2020

On 22 of August one of very few freestyle competitions took place in Easter part of Europe. So many events got cancelled and so many plans flipped around that lust and longing for friends, paddling together, challenge and chance to share weekend with other fellow...

Kayak Fishing | Frogs on the Menu

Long ago anglers realized the importance of imitating the look and motion of natural forage fish food sources in their local waters. Limited materials and funds meant carefully chosen artificial baits could be used when the real thing wasn’t available. Natural...

A Salmon River Sonnet

A Salmon River Sonnet Carving turns and spinning fast; Riding waters of canyons passed. Mighty river flows miles on down; Before it ever finds a town. Polished rocks and sparkling sand; Reappears when we re-band. Friends unite year after year; Making memories we hold...

Kayak Fishing The Chrystal Coast for big Amber Jacks

In this full episode of The Kayak Fishing show with Jim Sammons we are joined by Brooks Beatty and Bobby Brewer off the Chrystal Coast of North Carolina for incredible fishing for Big Amber Jack. Join Jim and Bobby for this live airing to share stories and answer...

Trout Unexpectedly | Kayak Fishing

It started with a weekend getaway for my wife and I on a Friday afternoon. Around noon that day we found a hotel, loaded our Jackson Liska’s, threw clothes in a bag and ventured down to the Dale Hollow area. She wanted to visit a few antique stores I had found...


The Coosa FD is based on the top selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout but adds a long-awaited Flex Drive system (patent pending) allowing for hands-free propulsion. The new Flex Drive System offers forward and reverse operation and includes a unique articulating system for deep and shallow water navigation.


ZEN 3.0

Everything you’ve always loved about the Zen, made even better! Whether you’re just learning to stay upright, running a beautiful river with your friends, or looking for your next creek boat, the Zen 3.0 will give you the confidence to enjoy your adventure.

Due to an increased rocker profile, the Zen 3.0 stays on top of the water like never before. It’s a dry, confidence-inspiring bow with plenty of volume to help keep you in control in crashing waves or steeper rapids. Increased rocker and slightly shorter length also makes it easy to turn and keep online, even when skipping out across backwash or dealing with cross-currents.



 Fans of the original Jackson Kilroy will be excited with this new Jackson Kilroy HD, the new standard in versatility for a sit-inside fishing kayak. The hull has been reshaped for even more storage, more stability, bow to stern gear and seat track and a layout that is more suited than ever for functional versatility. Fish today, hunt tomorrow or take the family or dog on an expedition! Customize with accessories like fish bags, duck decoy bins, kennel cot, casting brace or second seat. Rig your own adventures without limitations using the Kilroy HD’s versatile modular set up to match your craft to your adventure as you see fit.


Named for the native Alaskan peoples that coined the word “kayak” (qayaq), the Jackson YuPIK changes the very definition of versatility. Bow To Stern track systems, rigging solutions and storage pockets molded in along the entirety of the boat allows the modularity for you to rig for your adventure without limitation. Customize your fun with more room! Second seat capabilities and specialized accessories, like our new kennel cot, improves the experience for everyone. Additions like the fully trimmable seat pan, our Strap Down gear track for 360 storage security and the first ever moving standing pad system make the YuPIK the most versatile kayak on the market.


The world’s most popular hunting and companion breeds — pointers, setters, coonhounds and perennial favorites, goldens and labs — just want to go where you go. Same with goofy, chunky mixed-breed rescues. AD3 is built so you don’t have to think twice about making them all happy. Our handle/tie-down system secures your companion instantly, using your vehicle’s restraints or your own straps. Multi-directional door opens as your situation dictates — left, right, up or removed entirely. Available essentials keep food, water and leashes organized and handy. If he could, your wingman would type this part: #BringYourDog.


The top-selling Bite gets an upgrade! The open deck and well-designed tackle management features have come together with our latest version of the Flex Drive, the Flex Drive 3D. This nimble ride is quick and responsive, and standing to fish is fun and easy for beginners and experienced anglers alike. The Bite FD tracks well and handles windy days with ease.

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