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Same bomber cooler. New lower price point.
New accessory collections. Still #OutdoorToTheCore.


Learn why the new Antix 2.0 will become your new go-to boat.


Meet the pickup truck of kayaks. With room for everyone.


Break through your comfort zone at any level on the water.


Give your pup the gear to stay safe, comfortable and protected.

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Moon Myths? | Kayak Fishing

I recently came across a book entitled “High Percentage Fishing: A Statistical Approach to Improving Catch Rates” by Josh Alwine. The author is an engineer and statistician who evaluates data putting popular fishing theories to the test. One of the subjects he...

When in Doubt, Get Out: A Short Story About Instinct

It was mid-September. Despite the sun gracing us with it’s afternoon rays, I was shivering a little. The water temperature in the Deschutes River had dropped notably over the previous weeks, developing that all too familiar bite indicative of the summer season...

Freestyle workshop – Wiesenwehr

Thanks to heavy rain in the beginning of the year, the kayak circumstances were prime! On a sunny Saturday we decided to organize a freestyle clinic on the Erft. The hole is located in a little village called Neuss, near Dusseldorf. It’s mostly rain dependent but...

First Jackson Antix 2.0 Ride on the Grand Canyon

I had the fortunate opportunity to test out the Jackson Kayak Antix 2.0 at one of the greatest American treasures, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. This was my first time seeing an Antix 2.0. What better than to take it on a 280 mile test drive? Having paddled...

Lady of the Fork

Get ready ladies, Jackson Kayak and Pyranha have teamed up with Paddle In Pink to put on its first-ever Lady of the Fork Confidence Series on racing featuring Dane Jackson and Chris Hipgrave as lead instructors on Saturday, October 17th. Does the idea of racing...

Waterfall Pit Stop

Since our big trips were cancelled this year, we’ve been going on more local trips. Last week, we went up to the Gauley River in West Virginia and had extra days off work, so decided to lengthen the trip and also go up to the Youghiogheny River in Maryland. The...

A COVID Angler | Kayak Fishing Canada

A ‘COVID’ Angler! By: Trevor Thomson No, I do not have COVID19, nor have I had it, that was intended to get your attention, and read this blog about my experiences this year Kayak Fishing on Western Canadas Trail Series. Hope it worked? Now read on………………….....

Roadtrip to Larcay | Whitewater Kayaking France

For the people that are familiar with the European freestyle scene, might know that France has a bunch of amazing waves! Some are quiet famous others might not be as much. Last spring, we were in luck, one of the lesser known unicorns was running at prime level!...

Whatchan River 5th Descent

Submitted by: Dane Menzies July 7th is the day we decided to drive to the Whatchan river for a 5th descent, we arrive at the ferry terminal and prepare for a scouting mission that we are about to go on. We find a trail that leads down to the river from a construction...

Stretching Routine for Kayakers

Did you ever feel stiff or do you just want to give your muscle a nice flexibility to bring your kayaking even further ? I love stretching with friends through a yoga practice - online or physically together, outside in the summer times between kayaking runs or alone...


The Coosa FD is based on the top selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout but adds a long-awaited Flex Drive system (patent pending) allowing for hands-free propulsion. The new Flex Drive System offers forward and reverse operation and includes a unique articulating system for deep and shallow water navigation.


ZEN 3.0

Everything you’ve always loved about the Zen, made even better! Whether you’re just learning to stay upright, running a beautiful river with your friends, or looking for your next creek boat, the Zen 3.0 will give you the confidence to enjoy your adventure.

Due to an increased rocker profile, the Zen 3.0 stays on top of the water like never before. It’s a dry, confidence-inspiring bow with plenty of volume to help keep you in control in crashing waves or steeper rapids. Increased rocker and slightly shorter length also makes it easy to turn and keep online, even when skipping out across backwash or dealing with cross-currents.



 Fans of the original Jackson Kilroy will be excited with this new Jackson Kilroy HD, the new standard in versatility for a sit-inside fishing kayak. The hull has been reshaped for even more storage, more stability, bow to stern gear and seat track and a layout that is more suited than ever for functional versatility. Fish today, hunt tomorrow or take the family or dog on an expedition! Customize with accessories like fish bags, duck decoy bins, kennel cot, casting brace or second seat. Rig your own adventures without limitations using the Kilroy HD’s versatile modular set up to match your craft to your adventure as you see fit.


Named for the native Alaskan peoples that coined the word “kayak” (qayaq), the Jackson YuPIK changes the very definition of versatility. Bow To Stern track systems, rigging solutions and storage pockets molded in along the entirety of the boat allows the modularity for you to rig for your adventure without limitation. Customize your fun with more room! Second seat capabilities and specialized accessories, like our new kennel cot, improves the experience for everyone. Additions like the fully trimmable seat pan, our Strap Down gear track for 360 storage security and the first ever moving standing pad system make the YuPIK the most versatile kayak on the market.


The world’s most popular hunting and companion breeds — pointers, setters, coonhounds and perennial favorites, goldens and labs — just want to go where you go. Same with goofy, chunky mixed-breed rescues. AD3 is built so you don’t have to think twice about making them all happy. Our handle/tie-down system secures your companion instantly, using your vehicle’s restraints or your own straps. Multi-directional door opens as your situation dictates — left, right, up or removed entirely. Available essentials keep food, water and leashes organized and handy. If he could, your wingman would type this part: #BringYourDog.


The top-selling Bite gets an upgrade! The open deck and well-designed tackle management features have come together with our latest version of the Flex Drive, the Flex Drive 3D. This nimble ride is quick and responsive, and standing to fish is fun and easy for beginners and experienced anglers alike. The Bite FD tracks well and handles windy days with ease.

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