Reflecting on Bad Lines

Everyone has a bad line from time to time; but to keep it from (hopefully) not happening again, it helps to take a moment and reflect on these key things:

Where did the line start to go wrong?

Was I too far left, or right? Did I not drive enough to where I should be? Did I have the correct markers (compression waves, rocks etc.)?

How did the line go wrong?

Did I have enough speed? Did I pull my bow up at the right time? Was I facing the right direction?

Why, overall, did the line go wrong?

Make a quick list of everything that could have led to a bad line.

What can I do differently next time?

After you note how, why and where a line went bad, think of what you can do next time to have a stylish and clean line down. This way, instead of dwelling on the bad line, you have a positive learning experience that will not only benefit you next time you run this rapid, but on other rivers and more challenging rapids.

Whenever I have the line I didn’t want, I try to spend a few minutes – not too long – thinking of these questions so that next time, I can style that rapid and others like it!

See you on the river!


Jackson Kayak


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