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Yes, cycling can fight climate change. We can all make our small contribution to this, so why not just bike to the fishing spot from time to time? If you’re looking for a kayak carrier that you can attach to your bike, check out the reacha kayak trailer made in Bavaria. I met the guys last year at the PaddleExpo in Nuremberg and tested their amazing product with various fishing kayaks. After an Instagram post with a photo of the bike trailer, I received countless messages, so here is some information about the Reacha!

Kayak Fishing Bicycle Cart

The most important thing: the Reacha is adjustable in length and width and can be completely dismantled! A very big advantage to adapt the trailer to kayaks and SUPs of different lengths and widths. It didn’t even take me 3 minutes to disassemble (without tools!).

Kayak Fishing Bicycle Cart

The maximum recommended load is 35 kg as a bicycle trailer and 60 kg as a hand trailer. I tested with fishing kayaks between 40 and 50 kg and this was easily possible. Since most fishing kayaks do not fit flat on the trailer due to their width, you have to keep an eye on the center of gravity. But if you pack well, the Reacha easily follows the bike.

My effortless cruising speed was 15 km/h, top speed 25 km/h. The reacha is available with different wheels (18“ to 26“) and can be used on asphalt and also off-road. It has a textile loading for your camping stuff and fishing tackle. I attach paddle, fishing rods, life jackets and waterproof bags directly to the kayak with straps during transport.

Bike to the fishing spot!

I tested the reacha Compact with 20 inch tires. Its pack size is 120x60x40 cm, the weight is 8.9 kg. I have added two “bow” side bars that give the fishing kayak support. To use the reacha as a bike trailer, you also need the bicycle adapter.

Bike to the fishing spot!

The quality of reacha already convinced me when assembling. The guys did a great job and built a high quality product for the transport of SUPs and all types of kayaks. I’m looking forward to a great adventure with the bike trailer, maybe a camping tour along the Swedish archipelago for pike fishing. That would definitely be a great project!

Bike to the fishing spot!

You can get more information about the bike trailer on the website:

Bite Angler

Jackson Kayak


The Bite Angler takes the 2019 Bite and adds new features including extra seat padding, seat security clips, MOLLE panel for ease of customization and is now offered in most fishing colors for 2020. Easily accessible tackle storage located along the gunnels provide a convenient spot for stashing tackle boxes, and rod stagers are molded into the geometry of the deck for quick rod changes.

The open-concept deck has been long-awaited from Jackson, giving the paddler ample storage space fore and aft along with a system of touring-style bungie cords. These areas are perfect for crates, hard and soft coolers, dry bags of gear and more for daily usage and long exploration trips.

From paddle to pedal, the Bite family offers a full-featured, premium kayak experience with something for quite nearly any outdoor enthusiast at a very attractive price point.

Length: 11’6″ • Width: 36″ • Capacity: 400 lbs • Weight: 69 lbs w/o seat • MSRP: $899

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