Have you ever gone to the water and noticed that you have forgotten something? Bad moment, especially when it comes to important equipment such as the seat, the paddle or the drive. Here is my personal checklist for a day of kayak fishing with my Bite FD. Don’t forget anything on your next trip with this essential items list.

Kayak Fishing Checklist - Don't Forget Anything!

  Railblaza C-Tug Trolley

  Thule WaterSlide (to push the kayak onto the car)

  Replacement Tie-Down Straps

✅ Seat, Fastener Kit, Thermarest Lumbar Support

✅ Flex Drive 3D, T-Bolt Wing Nuts, Flex Drive E, Killswitch Key & Cable

✅ Tools and Spare Parts (Coupling, Crank Arm Bolts, Shear Pin, Spider Coupling, Propeller etc.)

✅ Flex Drive 3D Rudder & Pin

Kayak Fishing Checklist - Don't Forget Anything!

  Rebelcell 12V18 AV Li-Ion Battery (Fishfinder), Rebelcell 12.35 AV Outdoor Box (FD E)

  Power Rebel 26K Outdoor Powerbank (to charge GoPros and mobile phone)

  Fish Finder, RAM Mount & Cable

  Bending Branches Paddle

Kayak Fishing Checklist - Don't Forget Anything!

  Jackson Kayak KKrate

  YakAttack VISIPole

  YakAttack Omega Rodholder

  YakAttack DogBone Camera Mount

Kayak Fishing Checklist - Don't Forget Anything!

  GoPros, Batteries, Memory Cards, Charger & Cable

  Waterproof Camera Case, SLR Camera, Travel Tripod

  Tightline Anchor K5, Self-Made Anchor Stick, YakAttack Vertical Tie-Downs, Drift Chute

Kayak Fishing Checklist - Don't Forget Anything!

  Landing Net

  Tackle Box (for baits and jigheads)

  Savage Gear Pistol DeepThroat Hookout


  Rod & Paddle Leash

  Leader Material, Swivels, Snaps, Crimp Sleeves & Pliers, Hooks etc.

  Head Lamp

  First Aid Package

Kayak Fishing Checklist - Don't Forget Anything!

  Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent Spray

  Polarized Glasses


  PFD – Life Jacket, Whistle


✅ Waterproof Case for Cell Phone

✅ Fishing Licenses

✅ Clothes and Water Shoes adapted to the weather

✅ A lot of Drink and Foods

✅ Camping Stove, Lighter, Mug, Coffee, Fresh Water

Have I forgotten something else that is still very important for you when kayak fishing? Please write in the comments!

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