Kayak Fishing | Low Tech Catch

In my book ILL BE TENNESSEAN YA’ there’s a chapter entitled I’M PLAYING CHECKERS WHILE THE REST OF THE WORLD IS PLAYING CHESS. The main point in the chapter is my common sense solutions to finding and catching fish. Personal preference for folks in kayaks leads to...

Prime Times for Fishing: How to Know When to Go

Prime Times: How to Know When to Go   After years away from fishing, I jumped back in the water in 1992. I caught my first smallmouth bass in 1994 and by 1998 smallies were my fish of choice to catch and release. Always looking for that advantage with my smallie...

DIY Scupper Transducer Mount

There are many Scupper Transducer Mounts for fishing kayaks on the market and a lot of kayak anglers have come up with very creative solutions for themselves. Here is my personal DIY Scupper Transducer Mount solution! Do you have a friend in metal production? Then...

Top Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing | Lessons Learned From a Kayak

Over the past half century I’ve caught fish from every conceivable water craft with the exception of a jet ski. Jon boats, canoes, bass boats, pontoons, homemade boats and essentially anything that floats. About six seasons ago I climbed into a kayak, my only...

Starting Kayak Fishing – Once You’re In, You’re In!

Are you thinking about starting kayak fishing? Trust me, you will be hooked immediately! Kayaks are so much fun to fish from and open doors to new adventures. There's no getting out! It's spring, start now with a new hobby and enjoy some time in the great outdoors....

Trout Management | Delayed Harvest

I just recently started to participate in Project Healing Waters here in Charleston, SC. They meet twice a month on a regular basis tying flies; except when winter arrives the volunteers of the group will help the Veterans on building a fly rod. When rod building...

Fly Fishing the San Juan River in New Mexico

Just returned from a 5 day fly fishing adventure on "The Juan" in northwestern New Mexico. It was both a wade and kayak fishing trip. The Juan is an awesome destination and if you bring your kayak, it will open a ton of great water to you. Lets go Fly Fishing the San...

PAC Redfish Chasin’ 2020


Jackson Liska After the Honeymoon


My Top Pick | The Jackson Yupik

My Top Pick | The Jackson Yupik The Yupik people are a tribe related to the Inuit people of Alaska, regarded as the first people to make and use kayaks. The word Yupik means “real people.” After studying the characteristics of this new creation from Jackson Kayak...
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