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Fishing Tournament Fees

  • Part 1: Personal and Tournament Information

    In this section, you will provide your information and the details of the Tournament you fished.
  • Based on guidelines set in Team Incentive Packet. Varies per Tournament Tier. You are responsible for accurate and honest numbers. Inaccurate JK Bucks tournament entries will be automatically invalidated and you will be subject to probation from the JK Fishing Team. If you are in question on level of tournament, please ask and do not inflate your tournament’s Tier. If you did not place in the top 3, please mark "0". ***IMPORTANT*** Please note, 100% of these tournament winnings will be applied toward your JK Bucks total. Any cumulative amount over $600 for the year between tournaments, content, and shows are taxable and will require you to fill out a W-9 and pay taxes to the IRS.
  • In order to receive JK Bucks for placing in the Top 3, you must include a picture with proof of placing in your tournament. This can be an upload of you with a trophy or award. It can also be a screen shot of an email from the Tournament Director to confirm your placing.
  • Part 2: Expense Reimbursement

    In this section, you will detail the entry fee cost for the tournament event in which you competed.
  • Scan or screen shot your receipt and attach a copy here. If no formal receipt is available, a screen shot of an email from the Tournament Director may be accepted. You must include your receipt to be reimbursed. A maximum of $500 in entry fees will be credited with JK Bucks for 2017. You are responsible for keeping track to ensure you do not go over your $500 limit. ***IMPORTANT*** Please note, 100 % of entry fees are counted as expenses. Therefore they are deductible and are NOT counted toward your taxable JK Bucks total for 2017.
  • Explanation of Parts 1 and 2

    To recap, the JK Bucks in Part 1 are only awarded for placing in the Top 3 in your event. 100% of these credits count toward your taxable JK Bucks for the year. (Exceeding $600 will subject you to taxes). The JK Bucks in Part 2 are for your entry fees. These credits count 100% toward expenses. Therefore they will not count toward your taxable JK Bucks ($600 and over) for the calendar year. Remember, you may only receive $500 JK Bucks for tournament expenses each season. You must keep track of this as to not submit entries which exceed the limit.