DIY Scupper Transducer Mount

There are many Scupper Transducer Mounts for fishing kayaks on the market and a lot of kayak anglers have come up with very creative solutions for themselves. Here is my personal DIY Scupper Transducer Mount solution! Do you have a friend in metal production? Then...

Starting Kayak Fishing – Once You’re In, You’re In!

Are you thinking about starting kayak fishing? Trust me, you will be hooked immediately! Kayaks are so much fun to fish from and open doors to new adventures. There's no getting out! It's spring, start now with a new hobby and enjoy some time in the great outdoors....

How to Convert the Kilroy HD Into a Tandem

Let's convert the Kilroy HD in to a Tandem! The new Kilroy HD is not only a great sit-inside fishing kayak, it can also be easily converted into a tandem for trips with the kid. ⚠️ Note: Jackson Kayak recommend this kayak to be paddled solo, so this conversion is...

Galway Fest 2020

Galway Fest! One of the most flourishing events around the Europe in the last years. If you love kayaking in any sense, great community to hang out with, taste of freestyle, whitewater and boatercross and all of it spiced up with few drops of buckfest – well,...

My Basic Big Rig HDFD Setup

My Basic Big Rig HDFD Setup The Big Rig is not without a reason one of Jackson Kayak’s most popular fishing kayaks. The possibility that the Big Rig HD can be converted into the Big Rig FD is awesome! And then you can switch to the Flex Drive E within seconds. A...

15 Great Kayak Fishing Events in Europe

Of course there are numerous kayak fishing events and tournaments in Europe where you can spend great weekends with great people. Here are some of the most important events that are held in Europe: United Kingdom Swanage Classic- May 20, 2020 - Swanage, Dorset...

Outdoormix Winter Edition Snow Kayak 2020

C’était la 3ème édition de ce Boater Snow Kayak qui a lieu sur Vars, au coeur des Hautes Alpes. Entre coupes d’Europe de ski/snow Slopestyle, Freeride, Jumpline, et Dowhill VTT, on retrouve sur la piste de l’adroit un étonnant balai de kayak. 300 metres de...

Kayaking in Snow | Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

Kayaking in Snow | Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020 This was the 3rd edition of our Snow Kayak Boater X Event which takes place in Vars, in the heart of the Hautes Alpes. A mammoth winter sports festival comprising of Slopestyle, Freeride, Jumpline, and Downhill MTB...

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget I regularly speak to people who have no money for an expensive kayak and all the equipment. You don't have to start with a fully rigged pedal kayak. You can upgrade later! Jackson Kayak has many great not so expensive...

Fly Fishing From a Jackson Bite Angler

Fly Fishing From a Jackson Bite Angler A few weeks ago I took my new Bite Angler and my Coosa HD for a nice trip to the legendary Bodden in Germany. My brother Sam and I met there with some really nice guys form Germany and Sweden for some great winter-pike-fishing....
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Of the many paddling paradises of Chile, the Futaleufu is by far the most renown classic big water...