Pontyshow 2019 – Jackson kajak bemutató a medencében

A Ponytshown is volt lehetőség megnézni a Jackson horgászkajakokat, ha lemaradtál róla, a szombati kajakbemutatóról készült felvételt most megnézheted. A felvételért köszönet Szabó Gábornak! https://youtu.be/4VBzpmVMFpU

El Cacique del Reventazon Race

Photo Credits: Jack Shalin Nestled in the jungle of Costa Rica lies the Reventazon, a big water class IV section of whitewater, with whopping waves and holes. The El Cacique del Reventazon race is a two-part race: a time trial and a head to head race held on a...

Lappföld kajakpeca horgásztúra 2019 augusztus – FullHD

Ha szeretnéd te is személyesen átélni, gyere el velünk az egyik Lappföldi túránkra! Fantasztikus környezetben gyönyörű csukák és sügerek várnak rád! Bővebb információ: http://www.kajakpeca.hu/hu/content/14... A videó szerkesztéséért köszönet Tokodi...

8 years in Trondheim

I arrived in Trondheim in 2011 taking chance of European university exchanges program. I stayed because I could find there a balance between being part of the society and go kayaking on daily basis on myriads of beautiful rivers. Trondheim was fonded in 997 by the...

Musky and Bass Kayak Fishing in Canada – Part 2

The first days at Algonquin Park were really great and I was able to catch my first muskies, and from now on there were still a few days left to go fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. But first there were two days without fishing. On Saturday morning a bit of...

Can I do it again!!!

It’s the time of the year here in Ireland most anglers put away there salt water rods and dust the cobwebs off there fresh water gear. The Irish Kayak Angling Muckno Competition in Castleblanney, it’s the one I dread every year and as I keep saying fresh water...

New Zealand Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks for New Zealand Winter in North America is prime time to travel to New Zealand. Whether boating, biking, fishing, hiking or just hanging out on some incredible beaches, November through April is the perfect time for New Zealand travel. Here are a few...

Graz – Mugl wave freestyle fest

Our last freestyle event of the season took a part in Graz, Austria. For us it’s only about 3 hours of driving so on Friday morning we packed our camper and hit the road. Just me & Peter, our son Petko and two dogs stayed at home with grandma. So we had few...

Raymarine Element 9hv

I have been using a Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro for this past 5 years on my kayak and have honestly loved every minute of it, it is a superb size for any kayak or boat with plenty of features and great chart options at a very affordable price. As I am a tackle tart I...

The rare Belgium gems of playboating

It might surprise you to read this, but there is actually some playboating potential in Belgium! We’ve got 3 holes that are decent for playboating, yes 3! Unfortunately, these are rare treats during winter and spring. 2 of the 3 holes need a lot of water to run and...
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Of the many paddling paradises of Chile, the Futaleufu is by far the most renown classic big water...