Fishing with Lead-core for Lake Trout

Lead-core Lake Trout Lake Trout in Ontario can be found in Lake Ontario, Huron, Superior and across the deep, cold lakes of the Canadian Shield. Lake trout are most accessible to kayak anglers immediately after season opener, which in Eastern Ontario falls at the end...

Top 15 Essential Gear for Kayak Fishing

Top 15 Essential Gear for Kayak Fishing Everyone has different ideas about essential kayak fishing rigging, gear, and choosing their equipment and clothes. And that's good. If everyone did the same, it would be boring. I will now let you know what I always have with...

Why the Zambezi is One of the Best Kayaking Locations

By: Andi Brunner In december 2019, I spent three weeks in Africa on the mighty Zambezi. In this blog I am going to show you why it is definitely worth going there. First, some information for those of you that don't know the Zambezi. It is the fourth-longest river in...

Rigging the YuPIK

The YuPIK is a kayak that totally surprised me. I know of no other kayak that is so easy to rig, versatile and can, not only be used as a fishing kayak, but also as a tandem with a second seat or even for SUP fishing! In addition, it offers an infinite amount of...

The Infamous Jura Beauty

The Jura is a small region in France named after the Jura mountains and quite arguably home of some of the best rivers in France. All of these rivers are purely rain fed, so when the sky pours down, the rivers call. We listened and it didn't disappoint! One of these...

Tibet – Exploring Himalayas Biggest Rivers

In July, me and a crew of well known and capable paddlers went east to explore some tibetian rivers. Besides me, there was Adrian Mattern, Bren Orton, Nouria Newman, Olaf Obsommer, Jochen Lettmann, Thilo Witzke, Matthias Deutsch and Giordano Farina. Tibet is an...

A Bit of Everything – Kayak Fishing

When I do go fishing I generally like a bit of predator fishing, mainly Pike but today I thought I'd spend a little bit of time doing something a bit different and try a spot of float fishing and see what came along. So off to a local lake with a tub of maggots and...

Top GoPro Tips

There are many action cams on the market in all possible price ranges. I personally started with the GoPro Hero 1 many years ago and have stayed with GoPro since then. That is why I give my very personal tips on the settings and the mount of my GoPro, which you can...

Lappföld, Svédország kajakpeca túra

Az augusztusi túráról készült teljes film, rengeteg csukával, kapitális sügerekkel, felejthetetlen tájakon. Ha kedveled az igazi vadvizeket, csatlakozz hozzánk legközelebb!

Irish Kayak Angling Donegal Competition

Well as the title suggests it was time for my favourite competition of the year literally as far North as one can travel in Ireland, North Donegal. I would also head up this direction a few times a year to fish with the well know big game kayak angler Graham Smith....
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Of the many paddling paradises of Chile, the Futaleufu is by far the most renown classic big water...