Bucket List Destination in Sweden: the Blekinge Archipelago

Bucket List Destination in Sweden I visit beautiful Sweden at least once a year, either with my family or to see many friends at the Liska Kayak Open. The historical province of Blekinge in southern Sweden is about 400 miles away from me and can therefore be reached...

Whitewater Paddling Quebec | Unclephil’s First Post!

Whitewater Paddling Quebec | Unclephil's First Post! Hi there, I'm Philippe Lavallée and this is my first blog post! With this blog, I will try and showcase all the amazing whitewater, events and people from the rich paddling community of La Belle Province, Québec....

Tips on Having a Great Kayak Fishing Holiday in Southwest Florida

Tips on Having a Great Kayak Fishing Holiday in Southwest Florida For many of us Europeans, a kayak fishing holiday in southwest Florida is definitely at the top of the bucket list, not only because of the fishing, but also because of the beautiful weather, the great...

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions by Kayak Fishing Beginners

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions You have questions. Here are the top 10 things beginners ask me about Kayak Fishing. Every beginning is difficult, and nowadays you are overwhelmed with different information from the Internet. That is why it is so important to...

European Guide to Transporting Your Fishing Kayak on Top of a Car

Transporting Your Fishing Kayak on Top of a Car Lets talk about loading your fishing kayak on your car... I would so much like to have a truck in my garage, install a truck bed extender and simply slide my kayak onto the truck bed every time before fishing trips....

2019 – What a Year It Was

By: The KUL Brothers Our 2019 isn’t only successful starts in slalom and taming the hole, but above all amazing emotions on wild rivers. All this is due to the fact that JK thought about the youngest and has Fun1 on offer. This small boat isn't only to help your...

Bass Fishing Christchurch

Every September I head down to Christchurch Harbour on the UK's south coast to fish the annual kayak grand slam competition. This is a firm favourite for me, I've always done well at this competition having won it a couple of times but the main reason I go is I get...

Learn How To Kayak With a Dog

Learn How To Kayak With a Dog Every time I put on my kayak clothes and want to hit the water, loyal dog's eyes look at me and beg for permission to come with me. Not easy to say no then. Our Australian Shepherd Barney is a full family member. For my three daughters...

Fishing with Lead-core for Lake Trout

Lead-core Lake Trout Lake Trout in Ontario can be found in Lake Ontario, Huron, Superior and across the deep, cold lakes of the Canadian Shield. Lake trout are most accessible to kayak anglers immediately after season opener, which in Eastern Ontario falls at the end...

Top 15 Essential Gear for Kayak Fishing

Top 15 Essential Gear for Kayak Fishing Everyone has different ideas about essential kayak fishing rigging, gear, and choosing their equipment and clothes. And that's good. If everyone did the same, it would be boring. I will now let you know what I always have with...
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Of the many paddling paradises of Chile, the Futaleufu is by far the most renown classic big water...