So you want to go kayaking and you only want to take one vehicle. Your boating buddies are busy and the shuttle route is too far to walk. You’d rather not hitch-hike and prefer not to huff it on a bicycle. So how do you pull off a shuttle? With your motorcycle!

Here’s the equipment I use to make my motorcycle shuttle happen. There’s tons of variations so use what works for you.
• A lightweight motorcycle. I use a Yamaha XT250 Enduro. It’s under 300lbs, gets about 70mpg and has a short seat height so I can reach the ground with my toes (I have short legs). It’ll go 60mph easily for highway riding and has ground clearance for gravel/dirt. My previous bike was a Kawasaki Ninja 250. The Ninja worked well also, especially for highway/interstate riding, but was not great for off-highway riding.
(A scooter could also work, but you may need to up your MMA routine for self-defense in scooter loathing altercations, LOL! and if the scooter can get up to highway speeds)

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This hull is a great combination of zippy, fast, surfing fun with more stability and forgiveness than ever you’ve ever imagined. This boat will keep you upright like no other, but is still easy to carve around and put it on edge when you want to. The Zen 3.0 is also higher floating, with increased leg room.

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• A vehicle capable of hauling a motorcycle on the hitch. I use a Chevy Express Van 2500. (a trailer would also work but then you have to pull and park the trailer)
• A motorcycle hitch carrier. I use this mototote, It’s adjustable to fit to my vehicle and comes with a loading ramp. It has worked great thus far. I can load and unload the bike myself too.
• Miscellaneous, tie down straps, riding gear.

The Shuttle:
Head to the put in and drop off your boat, gear, and paddling buddy.
Drive the vehicle with the loaded motorcycle to the take out.
Unload the motorcycle and ride back to the put in.
At the take out, load your boats/gear and drive back to the put in to get the motorcycle.
Repeat above if doing multiple laps.

-Hannah Ray J

**The video is a mash up of clips to show the shuttle process. The kayaking clips are from the Peshtigo and Four Falls in WI, the shuttle clips are from a local park in Iowa.