JK Bucks Event Reporting

  • Part 1: Personal and Media Content Information

    In this section, you will provide your information and the details of the Media Content you produced.
    Please note, team members will only be credited for Regional and National/International levels of media. Additionally, these articles and videos must be of publishing quality. You are responsible for accurately assessing the quality and level of your content. Please do not inflate the level of your article. If it does not meet these criteria, it is not able to be submitted for credits. If you have questions, please reach out to Aaron or James regarding this issue. Inaccurate portrayal of your contributions will be subject to forfeiture of JK Bucks and may result in probation from the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.
  • Provide the title of your article, the segment of your show, or any other searchable identifier.
  • If your media content is available online, please include the link below. If it is in print, please disregard and move on to the next field.
  • If you were published in a print article, please attach a picture of the article.
  • Explanation of Part 1

    Everything in this form applies for the entire Jackson Kayak Fishing team. Being published in outside sources is highly valued considered Tier 1 content production. The maximum credit you may receive for Tier 1 content is $500 JK Bucks for the calendar year. Please keep track of this so you do not submit over $500 in content. As a Tier 1 content producer, there will be no expenses applied to JK Bucks. This means that 100% of the JK Bucks from your media publications will count toward your taxable threshold of $600 in JK Bucks credits for the year. If you are also fishing tournaments or working shows, please keep track of your total amount of taxable JK Bucks across all three incentive areas. Please note, your JK Blog posts do not count toward the incentives program. However, outside of directly producing content for publications, you may include any instances of third-party industry partners sharing your content for their websites.