Drew Gregory

What's up guys, Drew Gregory here. I've been fishing rivers since my mom and dad could put a rod and reel in my hand, but kayak fishing exclusively since early 2003, and have been fortunate to connect with Jackson Kayak in late 2009, to develop the Coosa and of course numerous other fishing kayaks in the line. I've got a YouTube Channel (and podcast) called Hooked on Wild Waters if you're interested in taking a look at that. I also fish kayak bass fishing tournaments and have recently placed 5th (2018) and 2nd (2019) in the KBF National Championship. Excited about turning out more great tournament finishes and YouTube content in the future to help others become better anglers themselves!

A little background; I was born in Fort Worth, TX, grew up in Atlanta, GA, went to college in Cleveland, TN, and grad school in ATL, but currently reside in Charlotte, NC, with my beautiful wife, Cristina, and son, Theo.

I refuse to listen to others when they say "it can't be done." The word "impossible" is not in my vocabulary, except for just then when I had to use it to tell you that it wasn't in my vocabulary.