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My name is Brandon Sorg and I’m from the Bluegrass State. I live in Lexington, KY but I was born and work in Frankfort, KY where I run a family HVAC business. I had fished some as a child but I have always had the desire to be outdoors and on the water somewhere.

My daily commute consists of passing over or near many waterways including Elkhorn Creek. Elkhorn is what gave me the urge to find out more about these waterways. So about 5 years ago, I decided to head over to Canoe Kentucky and get a Jackson Coosa. I initially just wanted to float and explore but after realizing some mutual friends had started a kayak fishing club, I decided to buy some fishing gear and give it a shot. Wow, I was hooked fast.

Elkhorn will always be my “home water” but I quickly realized how many beautiful and great fisheries we have in Central Kentucky and throughout the state. But exploring Kentucky wasn’t enough. Kayak fishing has taken me to many awesome places from Muskegon River in Michigan to the Coosa River in Alabama. I wouldn’t have experienced these places if It weren’t for the urge 5 years ago to get a Jackson kayak.

Kayak fishing also brought out my competitive side and I fish many tournaments a year. I recently bought a Coosa FD so I could more efficient fishing the larger lakes that a lot of the tournaments are on. I do love fishing tournaments but I will always find time to float and explore the creeks and rivers this beautiful country has to offer.

Recent Posts