Eden and Emma Evans

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Eden is 7 and has been fishing for 4 years now and got her start fishing local trout derbies.  Eden and her twin Sister Emma took the local derby circuit by storm winning first and second places respectively in each of their first 3 attempts.  The combination of catching some impressive trout and her dad, Joshua “Mek” Evans’ love for the outdoors got her “hooked” from then on.

Eden enjoys learning about fish species, taking pictures and videos on the water, and spending time fishing in their family’s themed Jackson Big Tuna aptly named “The Death Star”.  She constantly asks to go fishing and wants to accompany her dad to every tournament to help him “catch big mama fish” to win.  When she isn’t on the water or trying to get there, Eden enjoys lacrosse and drawing.  Eden’s favorite body of water is the Upper Potomac River in MD.  She loves crossing it and describing its beauty.

She is looking forward to picking up her new Rockfish colored Skipper this month and can’t wait to team up with Emma so they can share their on the water adventures with the rest of the world.  She and Emma squeaked with excitement when they found out they would be joining the Jackson family and JK JR Fish Squad.


Emma is 7 and has been fishing for 4 years now and started by fishing local ponds and trout derbies with her twin sister Eden.  Emma and her twin sister Eden got the competitive bug early on, winning first and second place respectively in their first three events.  Since then, Emma has grown to love going fishing with her dad, Joshua “Mek” Evans and spending as much time as possible on local lakes in their family Big Tuna.  In true twin fashion, Emma shares her passion for playing lacrosse and drawing with her sister Eden whenever they aren’t on the water.  Emma’s favorite lake is Black Hills Lake in MD.  She loves seeing not only the fish, but the turtles and water fowl that live there in abundance.

Emma is stoked to join the Jackson family and the JK JR Fish Squad.  She can’t wait to help rig her new Blue Fin colored Skipper later this month.  She plans to borrow dad’s GoPro’s to make videos with Eden that are educational and fun for kids their age.  

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