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Finance your new whitewater kayak for as little as $85 per month with approved credit.


Break through your comfort zone at any level on the water.

JAPAN 2012

This video is of the Kiyotsugawa, which remains one of my favorite rivers to this day.” ~ Diane Brasuell


Get bigger air than you ever thought possible in your playboat.


Jackson Kayak



Jackson Kayak

Zen 3.0


Jackson Kayak



Jackson Kayak

Rockstar 4.0


Gulf Creek | Jackson Kayak Creeking

Hey guys! I have made it a goal to try and catch a new local run every year, and this past February I had the pleasure of checking it off the list. On one very rainy February day, Birmingham, AL received about 3in of localized rain which is enough to prime one of the...

Taking the Jackson Kayak Zen 3 out for a Spin

This spring Marty and I headed up to the Peshtigo River in Wisconsin to try out our new Zen 3’s. I’m in the small and Marty is in the medium. It took us a couple laps down the river to get used to them. We adjusted the seat position and added some height to the...

Social Distancing, Little River

Spring of 2020 has led to many sudden and dramatic changes. One of them is social distancing. In order to continue kayaking safely, we have all had to make some changes. Our closest and most familiar kayaking runs are in the Smoky Mountains National Park. This was...

JK website flowing HIGH.. with with fresh videos and livestreams!

Searching for Quality Programing to get you through Quarantine? Hoping to stoke your love for the stroke? Take a break from Netflix and check out all the quality programming our Jackson Kayak Whitewater Team is producing! We’re all in the same boat here, so while...

Growing Up World Class

Despite ending in the middle of a pandemic, my past year at World Class Academy has been incredible. The memories, life lessons, and friendships that I have forged over the last six months, will be everlasting. As perfect as things may seem, the unexpected is always...

Reminiscing Japan

If you're anything like me, quarantine life has led me to watch even more kayaking videos than usual. Here's a throwback to an amazing trip we took 8 years ago to Japan, while I was procrastinating studying for the first part of my medical licensing exam. This video...

ACA River Kayak Committee

Since January 2018, I have been fortunate to be a member of the American Canoe Association (ACA) River Kayak Discipline Committee. Prior to being on this committee, I served as an ACA State Director of South Carolina, ACA Director of North Carolina, and then as a...

Dane Jackson Whitewater | Checking more than one box; Puma

Despite only having 2 days to spare after my first descent of my dream waterfall; 134ft Salto Maule. I knew I couldn't pass on the opportunity to go and see another drop I have always wanted to do, Salto Puma. Although I was only a few hours from the airport less...

Crank Up the Class 2 Paddling Fun

We are very lucky during this pandemic time to have a local river to paddle on. It is mostly class 2 with one class 3 rapid, so it’s not the most challenging BUT it’s five minutes away, can be bike shuttled and makes for a great time out on the water. As water...

Core Fitness for Kayaking | How to Get Your Core All Fired Up!

Depending on where you are and what your opportunities are to get outside, you may or may not be using your core on a regular basis, but no doubt everyone wants to be in the best shape possible to take advantage of paddling as soon as it is possible. To that end, I...


Jackson Kayak

Happy Seat, Happy Thruster Combo


Jackson Kayak

Happy Feet


Jackson Kayak

Bolt-on Kayak Handle


Jackson Kayak

Seat Pad Kit


Zen 3.0

Everything you’ve always loved about the Zen, made even better! Whether you’re just learning to stay upright, running a beautiful river with your friends, or looking for your next creek boat, the Zen 3.0 will give you the confidence to enjoy your adventure.





The Nirvana brings speed, stability, and maneuverability to any class of whitewater, inspiring confidence like never before. High bow rocker keeps you dry while flying over waves and holes, making the Medium Nirvana a sub-9’ racing machine. However, unlike many racing kayaks, the Nirvana is accessible— both responsive and forgiving— such that it feels at home on everything from beginner whitewater to the most demanding Class-V rapids. If you want a performance inspiring river-running/creek boat that’ll knock rapids down a class, then the Nirvana is the boat for you! Available in two sizes, M and L.




Rockstar 4.0


The 4th Generation of the most decorated freestyle/playboat design ever made takes freestyle kayaking to new heights… Straight out of the water.  Designed to give you more pop and air than ever before, the Rockstar 4.0 is the most “aerial” boat we have ever made. We’ve improved the comfort in the knees as well as added more foot room. We’ve made the boat more balanced to help you stay vertical end over end, and we’ve made it more durable with our new track system. So whether you’re looking at getting your first loop, linking your first ends or winning the local or global rodeos, this boat’s for you.



JK River Mountain Sun Shirt

This triblend tee brings the fit and comfort of a vintage tee in a brand new version! Screenprinted with a sweet waterfall/mountain/river design featuring Jackson Kayak, this tee is by American Apparel and made in the USA.  This is one of many groovy branded apparel we have in our store.  Check them out!


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